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Soleil Brigham

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Soleil Brigham


Soleil Brigham, known as “The Adventurer,” is one of those people who radiates warmth and kindness. She’s never met a stranger, and she makes friends everywhere she goes. She brings that same contagious energy to her day-to-day life as a real estate agent. Make no mistake: There’s more to Soleil than showing houses and signing contracts.

Born and raised in San Diego, Soleil graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in world religions and East Asian studies. If you ask her what she planned on doing with her education, she’ll answer you honestly, “I didn’t choose my major because I had an agenda for a future career. I did it because it was my passion,” adding that she worked as a spa therapist for a decade after graduation.

It’s been a while since Soleil bid farewell to her classroom studies, but she continues to learn every day — not only about real estate but also about religion and spirituality. That’s why it makes sense that Sedona, referred to by many as a spiritual hub, is the perfect place for the free-spirited Soleil. “It’s a place of majestic beauty, and most of the world’s religions are represented here, which is pretty unbelievable since it’s a very small town,” she says. 

Soleil moonlights as a hiking guide, which often includes spiritual tours and guided meditation. It’s a welcome excursion for those seeking respite from the everyday worries of the world. “I absolutely love doing it. Even if I made $1 million a year in real estate, I’d still be a hiking guide.” And that’s Soleil in a nutshell. You’ll never find her chasing dollar signs or collecting fancy possessions. “I’m just not that kind of real estate agent. I realized at a young age that money and materialism don’t buy happiness.” It’s a refreshing attitude in an industry that is notoriously flashy and numbers-driven, and her clients are thankful for it.

When Soleil isn’t working or filling her soul spiritually, she can be found reading a good book or learning about something new. She’s also a pretty great cook, and you’re almost guaranteed to be handed a healthy, colorful plate if you go to her house for dinner. “I love healthy food and juices. I make fresh juice every day!” She also makes a pretty great ratatouille, Thai coconut curry, and homemade hummus. If she’s not creating something wonderful in the kitchen, she’s either being adventurous or planning her next adventure. “My mom has always called me ‘Indiana Jones’ because I tend to be adventurous, independent, and slightly rebellious,” she says.

If you listen to Soleil talk about her travels, you’ll quickly realize that “Indiana Jones” is a pretty fitting nickname. She studied abroad in China, practiced yoga in India, and went to Iraq on a humanitarian mission. Looking forward, she hopes to visit Israel, backpack through the U.K. and Ireland, and build herself a humble homestead. “My dream is to build an earthen home,” she says, explaining that such homes typically “look like hobbit houses.” “I just want to live close to the earth, have a peaceful life, and have enough money to give back to others,” she says.

When Soleil’s clients need her, she’s there. And unlike many other agents, she’ll never pressure them to buy or sell so she can get a commission check. “I always keep their best interests at heart, and I want what’s best for them — even if it doesn’t lead to a sale for me.” In fact, that’s her advice for every real estate agent. “Every single Realtor® should have a strong set of ethics around putting the client first, and they should be listening to what their clients need so they can make it happen.” Her clients often become her friends, a fact that doesn’t surprise anyone who knows and loves Soleil.

When asked about her most significant victory in real estate, she recalls a beautiful story where she helped a client find a new home after her house was burned to the ground in a California wildfire. “It was obviously very traumatizing for her, and it was such an honor to be able to hold her hand and give her 100% of my time and energy,” she says, adding that they found her a beautiful home in the middle of the pandemic, during a fierce seller’s market. “The stars just aligned for us. It was just such a special and meaningful transaction.”

It also helps that Soleil truly loves everything about where she lives and works. She’s selling a place, not merely properties. “The lifestyle here is special. We have so much beauty, wide-open spaces, and four seasons. It’s just a good quality of life,” she says. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Sedona or surrounding areas, contact Soleil via email or call her at 805-451-1503.

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